Do I need a passport?

All guests traveling in the British Virgin Islands are required to have a passport.

What form of currency is used in the islands?

The U.S. Dollar is used in both the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.  Credit cards are widely accepted but frequently have a minimum that must be charged (i.e. $25.00).  ATM machines are available but not everywhere.

Will I get sea sick?

There is always the possibility of getting sea sick on a boat. As a general rule the waters in the Virgin Islands are relatively calm. Ginger works well to relieve symptoms of nausea.  If you are really concerned, bring over-the-counter medication such as Bonine or Dramamine.  Sea Bands also work well for many people and are rather affordable.  If you know you are prone to sea sickness, you may also get a prescription for the patch from your doctor.

Is there a set itinerary?

This is your vacation and we do our best to personalize each trip to your likes and needs. We will work with you to make sure you are able to do the most you can in the time you are here.

Is there wi-fi on board?

There is  wi-fi on Antillean.

Is there a standard daily menu on board?

We have a preference sheet for you and your group to fill out and return to us. It is very important that you make us aware of every person in your group’s dietary needs.  A menu will be created specifically for your group, taking into account any food allergies, needs and/or likes and dislikes.  Remember, we are in the Virgin Islands and certain requested items may not be available to us.

Do I need to bring sheets/towels?

We provide all your bed linens, bath towels and beach towels.

What is the bathroom/shower situation on board?

All the guest cabins on Antillean have their own en suite, private head (bathroom) and shower. We also have an outdoor shower on the swim platform.

Is there access to a washer and dryer?

Antillean does not have laundry facilities on board.


Do we need to bring our own snorkel/dive gear?

All snorkel and dive gear is provided.  However, you may want to bring your personal snorkel gear if you would feel more comfortable – as we cannot always guarantee a perfect fit.  We request shoe sizes in advance so we are sure to have fins to fit everyone in your group.

Is scuba diving included?

Scuba diving is offered to all certified divers at no additional cost.  You will need to bring your dive certification card with you.  If you are not certified, a Discover Scuba Diving class (“resort course”) or other instructional classes are available onboard.  If you wish to become certified or do a discover scuba diving course please let us know in advance. We will teach you for free but you must purchase the learning material threw us. Please email your onboard dive instructor at mbitterwolf@yahoo.com.

Is fishing available on board?

Of course! A fishing license is required for all persons 18 and over that wish to fish in the BVIs.  The British Virgin Islands are extremely strict regarding these licenses and we as your crew will make no exceptions.  If you plan on fishing, we can email you the BVI Application for a Temporary Fishing License.  You will need to fill this out in advance and return it to us along with a scanned copy of your passport or other photo I.D.  The fee for a temporary fishing license is $45.00 per license.  We will be happy to apply for the license(s) on your behalf once the needed information is returned.  No persons over 18 will be allowed to fish without a valid BVI fishing license.

What types of shoes will I need?

While on board, you will usually be barefoot, but you will need to bring beach shoes (flip flops).  If you are planning to hike, you should bring the necessary shoes.  Some hikes can be done in flip flops but some require sturdy shoes like Tevas, Keens, or sneakers.  Some hikes will get your feet wet.  Heels or dress shoes are not necessary.  Remember, you will be getting in and out of a tender to get to shore, so practical shoes are a must.

Are hair dryers supplied?

Yes, each cabin on Antillean is supplied with a hairdryer.

What kind of electrical outlets are on board?

Antillean utilizes standard 110 volt/60 cycle U.S.-style outlets on board.  These are available in all guest cabins and heads.




Can I use my mobile phone to call home?

While in the USVI’s your cell phone will work (AT&T is the most prominent U.S. provider).  In the BVI’s your phone will work, but may cost you $4.00 a minute per call and 50 cents per text.  Sometimes a U.S. signal can be found in BVI waters if a US cell tower is in sight. Check with your service provider to see if they offer an international plan if you plan to use your phone often.  Again, Wi-Fi is available at most anchorages at no extra cost.

Is there a way for my family to reach me in case of an emergency?

Yes we are reachable in most places by phone email or radio.

Is there a gratuity included in the charter fee?  How much should I plan on?

Crew gratuities are not included in your charter fee and are very much appreciated.  These are always left to the charter guests’ discretion but are generally 15-20% of your charter fee, based on excellent service. 

What airport should I fly in/out of?

St. Thomas Cyril E. King (STT) airport is the most convenient, But we can work with you from any of the Virgin Islands.